Small Town Living


Stories of Small Town Living 

Small towns are famous for so many reasons.  Each small community has something that makes it unique.  This could be its people, sports, business, or schools.  We recently visited one small town in Kansas that is known for something that most people would think is unusual.  If you grew up in a small community that might not be as strange.  This community is know for tow things.  Football and its barber shop.

The local barber shop in this community has been around since 1952.  Still operated by the same family for all those years it has an amazing story.  The founder of the shop cut hair in the army.  He didn't know much else so he decided to continue his skill and pursuit it as a career back in his home town.  The shop was started on the ideas of cutting hair and bullshitting.  The is a famous small town meaning for small talk and gossip.  Starting on day one of the shop, there has always been a hot pot of coffee brewing and locals stopping in to drink that coffee and get their hair cut.  The owner tells me how he has given so many hair cuts to people that didn't even need one.  They just figured since they were going to be here all morning that had to do something so there wife's thought they were actually getting something done.  

The shop has a taste of local history covering the walls.  Football has always ruled this town.  The high school has brought in over 10 state championships since the barber shop first opened.  Pictures of each state championship team is on the wall in their own dedicated corner.  The local legends in these photos visit the barber shop today.  Many of the faces on the wall no longer live in the community, but those that do stop by the shop nearly once a week.  Legends are still alive on the walls of the barber shop.  Locals love to talk about old teams and players that have passed through the local high school.

You could say finding a place to cut your hair in this community is pretty easy.  Being one of two places to get your hair cut in town, you do not have many options.  Most business is local.  Few people from out of town stop into the shop.  The barbers in this shop have been cutting some of the same peoples hair for over 45 years.  It's a pretty incredible thing.  The owner of the shop talks about watching the locals of this town grow up in his barber shop.  Every month or two they stop in for their trim.  Over the years he has seen a lot of people grow into local leaders.  It has been an awarding experience for the owner of the barber shop.